About Tarot

Various contradicting suggestions have been given to explain the original meaning of the word Tarot.Tarot cards are a unique and exploratory tool of divination that has been around since before the 1800s.. The word ‘tarot’ or the original ‘ìRotaî’ means the phenomenal ‘wheel of life’. They are an ancient form of divination, whose origins are masked and imprecise from times indefinite. Tarot was used during Renaissance in Italy as a popular game, and was rediscovered by occult scholars in the 18th century, and was connected to other forms of occultism. The history of Tarot cards stands testimony to the human tendency to know things ahead of time. Their popularity further iterates the fact that we are always in search of ways to unfold mysteries.

The modern version of tarot is the revised creation by the Order of the Golden Dawn. The intent with which this creation has been put together underlines the need to work more intimately with the Wheel of Life!. The use of the tarot is, believed to be working within the understanding of connecting us to the existing universe. Tarot cards are, used as a tool for fortunetelling. The deck of the 78 cards are figurative, each card has a unique astrological meaning and numeric significance, the cards can be used to gain insight, clarity, and achieve greater control over issues involving relationships, life changes, family, career, health, spirituality, and dreams. The pictures and symbols that are featured on the tarot cards are associated with certain happenings in one's future.

What is Tarot Deck?

It is an oracle that can answer questions about the past, the present and of course the future. It is a tool for guidance; for self-discovery and to get in touch with one's own intuition. Tarot cards are an intermediary between the conscious and the unconscious mind.One thing they are not ,is a tool for fallacy .

Tarot is simply a set of symbols printed on a deck of 78 cards. These cards are shuffled and dealt, just as ordinary playing cards. The Tarot has four suits with 10 numbered cards and four court cards in each suit. In most Tarot decks, there are also 22 numbered Major Arcana. While the Major Arcana are the more powerful, since they deal with major life changes and philosophies of life, the Minor Arcana are often more commonly used in readings because they refer to the mundane events most questioners ask about. They are further divided into four suits.

How can it Help?

Tarot is an interactive divination system that uses a set of psychological archetypes- represented by a deck of 78 cards - to stimulate intuition and evoke new insights .The emergence of tarot cards as a way of divination was an outcome of man's curiosity to discover the hidden future. Tarot will also help you make better decisions around the kinds of problems that logic can't handle. When you receive a reading -- the meanings of the cards you get will stimulate insights into whatever situation or relationship was on your mind when you picked your cards. A sincere effort to read between the lines brings out the wisdom you need from inside of you where it resided all along.,,It can be thought of as a two-way form of prayer, where Divine Intelligence answers you with symbols that mean something to you ... because they are all inside of you to begin with! These symbols are called "archetypes”. Tarot cards stimulate the superconscious part of your mind, the place where psychic abilities lie.

Is it for me?

Each individual, possess within him/her, hidden treasures, which we ignore. To reveal them, try using this formidable selection full of positive magnetism, to control your future! Our paths and our destinies are always changing by the decisions we make and the actions we take. The Tarot does, however, read on current influences which surround us and this can provide insight into where we are heading and what outcomes you could expect. You can only make a decision in the present moment, but you can look for guidance from experience to help make those decisions and it is your decisions that shape your future..

Tarot as a Tool for Guidance

Putting it in simple word,, it truly can be used most beautifully is as a tool of self discovery, or as a guide to our lives to help us find clarity and understanding about what was going on then, at that present moment when we turned to the cards. Nothing is truly carved in stone and in the ever-changing dynamics of energies, a Tarot reading is simply a picture of one moment, and the possibilities that may arise if certain necessary actions are or are not taken. As a reader, i stress not merely on the outcome, but more on the cards that come out in the advice position. Rather than working on ‘how’s & when’s’ of life,I prefer reading the deep meaning for guidance.

Eventually, we as human beings are responsible for our own lives, and the Tarot is simply a tool that gives us empowering knowledge. The more informed we are about our present moment, the better decisions we can make about our tomorrow.


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