About Me

I’m a Delhi based Psychic Consultant and Holistic Healer. In this physical body, I came into existence on October 24th, 1975, but as a soul, I don't remember how many lifetimes I have experienced to reach here. From an early childhood, in a quest to explore and unfold the mysteries of human behaviour, words would trickle down from my inner voice into my private dairy in the form of poetry. I used to be restless as if I was craving to be connected with something deeper, something that could satisfy the quest of my soul and then destiny revealed it's plans & I landed up learning Reiki And Tarot.

The moment I entered into healing world, everything seemed to ensue magically & effortlessly. It was as if mystic world was calling out for me since long. The universe opened yet another beautiful world at that junction of my life when I needed to heal my own life.

Gradually, I chose to turn inwards to find the answers about Life and Soul. The answers didn’t come as instantly as I had hoped, but gradually revealed themselves in daily meditation. With the strong urge to equip myself with formal tools as Tarot Cards, Reiki, Feng-Shui and Numerology, I found myself getting deeper in a world far more fascinating than the conscious mind can ever perceive. And the journey started with learning about the realm of life at the Landmark Education Forum. After going through various aspects of such tools as Numerology, Feng-Shui, and Reiki Healing, etc, I felt an inherent inclination towards Tarot cards. Predominantly because, I believe, they have an element of cosmic energy about them that is used for predictive purposes.

Fascination for “Flashcards of western mysteries”, led me to take over this oracle. Tarot Cards provide me with a medium to put words around my intuition all the while having an independent endorsement and to support my own conviction. I see the card reading as a wonderful aide in self-discovery as well as an immaculate tool to uncover the past, present & future.

I realized that no amount of tarot reading can be complete in its own right, should the reader fail to connect and understand the human psychology behind the subject. To complete the missing link, I pursued the academic side of my field at the Harvard University, USA, where I received formal education in “Psychology” & “Adolescent & Young Adult Development”. Reading cards for my friends and acquaintances from a totally different culture gave me yet another perspective to interpret and analyze human behaviour and minds. That path further lead me to enter the field of Mind Therapies, Karmic Healing, Counselling.

Passionate about the welfare of fellow human beings, I am a part of ‘Mental Health Support Groups’ (programs run by Delhi based NGOs). I facilitate workshops/courses for sharing & empowerment and group meditative sessions for healing.

It gives me immense satisfaction when I connect to people at a deeper soul level. I am more spiritual than religious in nature. I have always been fascinated and drawn to the mystical, esoteric/occult, hidden aspects of the universe, forever exploring the mystifying paths. My quest for deeper insight continues through...

My Purpose

Simply putting it in words, my purpose is to tap the cosmic energy around you to help you see your future, understand your present and make sense of your past. Happenings in your life today can be the catalysts or obstacles tomorrow. And anamnesis alone is responsible for the proclivities of today.

Infusing you with cosmic energy around you with certain esoteric healing methods, my readings aim to bring you clarity and optimism. And the reading you get is a combination of my psychic faculty, Tarot cards as well as my inclination to connect with you.. I realized that many people desire an informal approach to share their feelings. I offer that added dimension through my reading, which gives comfort, advice, and hope for the future. Ultimately, my role is to provide you with as much of information you need to walk away feeling reassured and more in tune with your path and purpose. There are trends and signs towards the occurrences of events, but we as human beings have the ability to control the intensity of how each occurrence affects us. The only real teachers are life and yourself. I am merely a reader. You may not be able to stop the rain outside but you surely can carry an umbrella.

My plea to the people, who visit tarot readers, astrologers and the like, is to recognize that you have all the potential to deal with whatever adversities life has in store for you. Don’t blindly ask about predictions. The true purpose of occult advice is to help you knock into your potential and empower you to get through difficult times & lead happy and meaningful lives.

It matters not how strait the gate,
How charged with punishments the scroll,
I’m the master of my fate,
I’m the captain of my soul.
-William Henley.

A Word of Gratitude

I must acknowledge that I am leading the most amazing and delightful years of my life. When I look back, gratitude arises spontaneously and without effort. Foremost I am indebted to my Revered Mentor, Spiritual Guru and Guides, (Om Swami ji , Dr Aarti Khosla ji) who have been my guiding force throughout my journey. I have been very fortunate to be in their guidance. With them around, my life holds so many simple blessings, each day bringing its own individual wonder. I bow on their lotus feet as I am extremely grateful to them and will always be.

As i walk with them,
I am walking in the light of Existence,
Trying to move away from the darkness of ignorance,
I leave behind all the worries, be in their shelter and move towards the peak experiences of life.

This natural glow of gratitude is also flowing for each one who has somehow contributed in my life; for you all have been so generous in your appreciation and trusting me to share your lives with me. Each of you has inspired me in your own unique way, and this helps renewing my own inspiration as I learn, unlearn and share with all of you.

Thank you
Hari Om !

  • Had met Hemma for a reading about 8 years ago and since then there has been no looking back. She has the wisdom of a sage, the sensitivity of a healer, and the skill of a master. Her uncanny ability to put a voice to my intuition is deeply affirming . . . and the insights she offers on everything (from professional life to relationships) could only come from a practitioner of her calibre. It is an honour, a blessing and a privilege to experience a reading with Hemma.

    Aishwarya Wadhwa
  • I met hemma for the first time in beginning 2013. She is an embodiment of divine light and her presence glows with it. Just hearing her voice or being in her presence can be an instant release of heaviness. She is a wonderful healer and what makes her so wonderful is her pure intent. When i was looking for help, it was a very difficult task to find a genuine healer. She is one of the very very rare real genuine person one can find in today's time. Her sessions help not only in karmic clearing but they can change the direction of your thinking and your life forever. Its my personal belief that sessions with Hemma could be the turning point of one's life. If your destiny has brought you here and you are reading this testimonial, its time for a major shift in your life. There are no accidents. Go meet Hemma and you will know what i meant. Thank you Hemma for everything. Love.

  • Taking an opportunity through this platform to say thank you. This association is been very valuable; your in depth knowledge, expertise and skill sets are really outstanding and facilitated me to look at things with the different perspective. My sessions with you were an eye opener and enable my attention to look at solutions rather than focussing only on problems/issues in my life. Very professional and practical approach, when it comes to dealing with people and behaviour. This journey of my life has become more meaningful and vibrant with your contribution and guidance. Thank you and wish you all the very best for your future.

    Keep Shinning….

    Mridu Ratan
  • Hemma is an wonderful human being. Her outer appearance is what she is from inside ;a calm and composed person. As a karmic healer she is outstanding. I got my first session done from her and I still remember how she explained me what and how exactly our conscious n subconscious mind works. She gave me an affirmation which has worked wonders with my kids.:).She has always guided me n shown a path full of light.

    Mukta A
  • My experience of Hemma Krishna, She has the wisdom of metaphysics, the sensitivity of a healer, . Her uncanny ability to put a voice to my intuition is deeply affirming . . . and the insights she offers on everything (from business, finances, relationships, spirituality) are precise in time. It is an honour, a blessing and a privilege to experience a reading with her.

    Ram G
  • Although much younger to me in age, she has been my guide and council in most matter of life, especially her past life regression sessions were really helpful and what to say about her tarot reading very accurate and perfect guides. She takes great pains in her work because she realises that people are dependent on her predictions. She is definitely class apart a person of higher purpose. God has blessed her with uncanny vision and is made for helping people in need. Thanks for being with me in time of my need God bless you.

    Romit Kumar
  • Hemma has the wisdom of a sage, the sensitivity of a healer and the skill of a master. Her professionalism combined with her generous spirit and spitfire personalities are the perfect recipe for everything you want from a spiritual guru. And it’s because of these qualities; her reputation is stellar amongst those that know her. It's a blessing and privilege to experience a reading with Hemma. Thank you for everything you do :)

    Mohit Mehta
  • My journey with Hemma includes lots of sessions taken with her in the past. After talking to her for the first time I realized, you can talk with someone for years everyday and it still won't mean as much as what you can have when you sit with a person like her. She sits in front of you not saying a word, yet you feel that she understands you, and you feel you have known her for years.

    She reflected me in a positive way and taught me to be what you want to be and how you want to feel. I believe best relationships are the ones where you feel safe to be yourself and that is kind of relationship I share with Hemna. I can share anything, confide and be myself with her.

    Having constant sessions with her has given me strength and determination to handle my problems, and see things more positively.

    Manu Maggon
  • When I met you with so many blanks in my life you filled up all the blanks very nicely through your reading I got direction as well confidence that life is having all the celebration for me just it was matter of time. Thank you for being a important part of my life.

    Nidhi chadha
  • All of us reach crossroads where we don't know which road to take. I have been there so many times in the past and am sure will be there again and again.....but each time I know I have a friend on speed dial...a friend who was first a therapist, a bouncing wall, a mirror ... someone who has not only helped me sort my life out but also made me realise the power that I have! With her I always feel lighter, brighter and HAPPIER. thank you with all my heart

    Mehak Puri
  • I had approached Hemma Ma'am for a tarot card reading in 2012. I am truly grateful to Her for all clarity and guidance’s she gave me during the reading. Her simplicity, warmth, caring nature along with her professionalism, knowledge and skill were a superb combo which made me contact her again and lead me to learn Tarot cards from her. I am truly grateful and thankful to her for helping me in the sessions which I took from her to solve some issues in my life. Thanks to her I got so much insight and she helped me so Much as how to tackle and solve many issues through her Mastery, intuitions and knowledge in tarot card reading and past life regression.
    From the bottom of my heart and soul I wish u- Hemma ma'am all the happiness, joy and abundance in the Universe.
    With tremendous Gratitude and Love

    Regards Tanuja
  • Hi Hemma, I would like to inform you that your assessment towards my readings has been pretty much accurate.
    I really thank you for your holistic approach and guidance for the benefits of my professional life and I am indebted to you for the same.
    I look forward to see you again on my next visit to Delhi.
    Thank you and as you would say Hari Om

    Manish R.Goenka
  • Through the sessions with hemma I have a better understanding for the events happened in my life ...I have grown as a person n would like to thank hemma for guiding me n supporting me all the times...atma namaste ji

    Nupur Mehra
  • The experience over the past 6-7 years has been phenomenal. The only way that tarot works is for you to have faith in the cards and the reader, and nature definitely creates the necessary situations to guide you in the right direction. If you sum it up in one word it can be called exquisite.

    Archit Eklavaya
  • Hemma has guided me with her Tarot reading and healing well. She has been a warm light and answered many questions which have bothered me on and off.

    Sangeeta Singh
  • I have been associated with Hemmaji on varied perspective of healing, direction and growth of self. Irrespective of modalities used in our session, i have come across an individual who has clear sense of being a guide, healer plus a great counsellor to put your head and heart at ease. It has been an association of around 4 years where i have even entrusted my kids to be counselled on broader perspectives from Hemmaji.

    Vikram Singh Chugh
  • She is a well accomplished Tarot card reader, her predictions are very accurate and more importantly the timing of predictions are precise. I wish her good luck in her endeavour to serve the society.

    Rajesh Talwar

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